2014 3Rs Science Prize


The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) is proud to launch this call to apply for the 2014 3Rs Science Prize. This year, the EPAA will grant a Prize for already achieved research, or a project already at the completion with outstanding results. It is aimed at researchers involved in laboratory animal science and development of alternative methods, this Prize will be bestowed on a European young scientist whose work brought a significant contribution for the replacement, reduction and refinement of alternatives to animal testing. In line with EPAA’s Mission, the works submitted should promote the development and implementation of alternative approaches, including novel test methods and integrated testing strategies.


A prize grant of 10,000€ will be provided to the institution of the successful candidate to be announced at the EPAA Annual conference in November 2014. The awardee will also get the opportunity to give a presentation of one’s work in front of the EPAA annual conference participants, gathering regulators, industry stakeholders, academia and civil society. The EPAA was created in 2005 as a Public-Private Partnership between services of the European Commission and stakeholders from several sectors of the European industry. To date, it gathers 5 Directorates-general of the EC, 35 companies from 7 sectors: animal health, chemicals, cosmetics, crop protection, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, soaps and detergents and their respective federation.


Who should apply?


Scientists working on alternative methods (replacement, refinement or reduction of animal testing) for safety testing purposes. Applicants should be based in Europe and have no more than 10 years of postgraduate experience. Applicants should be able to deliver a case study based on actual research (not a project on future research and no older than the last 5 years) where their personal commitment and implication is shown.


Application process


To submit an application, the following elements should be sent by email to entr-epaa@ec.europa.eu before Tuesday 30 th September at noon, Brussels time:


-CV with a list of publications

-Cover letter where the applicant should explain why one’s work is a meaningful contribution to 3Rs.

-A max. 2500 words case study where the applicant should introduce one’s work or the selected project for the application and its achievements/results. Pictures, illustrations and videos may also be attached to the case study if relevant. The case study should clearly define the regulatory endpoint targeted, the method implemented and the results obtained. While all criteria are of high importance, the jury will give an extra attention to the impact of the method / number of animals potentially concerned. 

- Letter of support/endorsement from their current institution


Enquiries should be directed to entr-epaa@ec.europa.eu




-25 July 2014: The call for applications for the EPAA Sciences Prize 2014 is open

-30 September 2014: Deadline for submissions

-19 November 2014: the winner is announced at the EPAA annual conference in Brussels



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