4.3. Formative activities

Over the past years there have been a series of initiatives on the part of Spanish groups in terms of the organization of courses, scientific meetings, etc., related to the field of alternative methods (as reflected in Table 1). These valuable initiatives were spontaneous and independent, though without the planning desirable with a view to the future. Consequently, we believe that a further reason for establishing the REMA is to secure coordination among Spanish groups for organizing formative courses and scientific events in Spain and/or abroad. The REMA does not aim to interfere or harbor the exclusive initiative in organizing such events; rather, the idea is to contribute to improved coordination, thereby avoiding unnecessary repetitions and undesirable overlapping of dates or topics. As a result of coordination - which we regard as absolutely necessary - and the integrating willingness of the different participating groups, it should be possible to organize throughout the country an important number of scientific events under the initials REMA (i.e., Conferences, Courses, Workshops, Round Tables, Sessions, Meetings and Congresses, etc.) - thereby contributing to afford the entity the scientific and social relevance to be expected.