4.1. General objectives

The creation of the Spanish Network for the Development of Alternative Methods (REMA)(Red Española para el Desarrollo de Métodos Alternativos, REMA) stems from the need to agglutinate all Spanish groups actively working or interested in alternative methods. Such methods are in turn understood as the solutions that allow a reduction in the number of animals used, a refinement (perfection), and the replacement of animal experimentation methods. 

The fundamental aim of the Network is to establish connections among persons, groups and entities interested in these models - regardless of the scientific field to which they habitually belong (i.e., biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, environmental studies, etc.). The establishment of such connections will in turn contribute to the exchanging of ideas, facilitate the training of professionals, impel research in the field, favor bi-directional communication with the Administration and Industry and, in general, increase the Spanish presence and weight in those European and international forums of interest to our country. In sum, the purpose is to inform, educate and develop activities in the field of alternative methods in Spain and elsewhere.

 The more concrete aims of the Network are detailed below.